Cracker’s Place is just my little online digital world.

In high school you could say I had a thing for computers…. so a few of my friends called me “Cracker”.  I also loved to eat the crackers from the salad bar at lunch.  (My favorite have always been the Ritz crackers.)  Another fun fact is that I started Southridge’s first computer club, and was probably also the only one in school who had their senior picture taken with their computer at that time.  That’s how I came up with the website name of Cracker’s Place.  It was something unique, and it was my place online.

I am now addicted to selling online.  I also love social media, and interacting with my customers online.  I have been selling online since 2001, and love it.  I am a eBay Powerseller and have expanded to selling on Amazon.com, Bonanza.com, Ecrater.com, and many more other market places.  I find it fun to research the items, and try different selling techniques.  I started this blog to share some of my experiences & to also let people know what I’m am doing online these days.  I usually spend most of my time posting items online, but I’m going to give this blog a try.

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