Online Selling – How to package a breakable item

I have shipped thousands of packages, and for the most part the USPS does a great job of taking care of packages.  There will always be those few that are not so lucky!!!

The trick to packing breakable items is to Double Box them.

What is Double Boxing??  ( no it doesn’t involve boxing gloves)

Double boxing is basically placing a box in a box.  This will protect the inner box from crushed edges, items poking through, and will provide cushion if dropped (uhg I hear you.. lol ).

  1. Wrap your breakable item in bubble wrap or foam.  Be sure to protect anything poking out or a part that does not have much support.  I normally place more padding in those types of areas.  Don’t forget a piece of tape to hold the bubble wrap or foam in place.  Be sure to make it easy for the customer to open the item so they do not damage it.
  2. Next find a box that your item fits in snugly.  Place more packing in the box to be sure it does not move around.  Tape the box shut.  Cover any old labels if reusing old boxes.
  3. Then find a large box that your smaller box will fit into, and be sure this box will allow you to place some packing peanuts or other filler between them .  I like to leave around 2″ depending on the item.  You may not need the 2″ of peanuts/filler on the top and bottom depending on the item.  The top and bottom are somewhat stronger due to the protection of the smaller box.
  4. Don’t forget the Packing Slip!
  5. Tape the box shut.  If packing breakable dishes or large items be sure you are using the correct tape for the job.  Cheap tape can cause many issues.  Heavy items require true packing tape.. or ALOT of good taping.  I will be posting more about different tapes in later blogs.
  6. And remember USPS Priority mail will insure your item up to $50 for no additional cost.  So be sure to ship Priority mail to take advantage of this.  (note blog written 1/23/15)

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