Online Selling – How to package a breakable item

I have shipped thousands of packages, and for the most part the USPS does a great job of taking care of packages.  There will always be those few that are not so lucky!!!

The trick to packing breakable items is to Double Box them.

What is Double Boxing??  ( no it doesn’t involve boxing gloves)

Double boxing is basically placing a box in a box.  This will protect the inner box from crushed edges, items poking through, and will provide cushion if dropped (uhg I hear you.. lol ).

  1. Wrap your breakable item in bubble wrap or foam.  Be sure to protect anything poking out or a part that does not have much support.  I normally place more padding in those types of areas.  Don’t forget a piece of tape to hold the bubble wrap or foam in place.  Be sure to make it easy for the customer to open the item so they do not damage it.
  2. Next find a box that your item fits in snugly.  Place more packing in the box to be sure it does not move around.  Tape the box shut.  Cover any old labels if reusing old boxes.
  3. Then find a large box that your smaller box will fit into, and be sure this box will allow you to place some packing peanuts or other filler between them .  I like to leave around 2″ depending on the item.  You may not need the 2″ of peanuts/filler on the top and bottom depending on the item.  The top and bottom are somewhat stronger due to the protection of the smaller box.
  4. Don’t forget the Packing Slip!
  5. Tape the box shut.  If packing breakable dishes or large items be sure you are using the correct tape for the job.  Cheap tape can cause many issues.  Heavy items require true packing tape.. or ALOT of good taping.  I will be posting more about different tapes in later blogs.
  6. And remember USPS Priority mail will insure your item up to $50 for no additional cost.  So be sure to ship Priority mail to take advantage of this.  (note blog written 1/23/15)
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Zane Grey – First Editions…Books.. Books.. and more Books

So I have stumbled upon some books to sell. I will be listing many old Vintage Aquarian books for sale.

Keep a watch on my store.. you Never know what I”ll list next!!

I currently have a large collection of Zane Grey Western books listed. Several are first edition

IMG_4059 copy


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Accident Claims Another Life at State Road 62 & US 231 Intersection Dale, IN

In Aug 2011 I wrote a blog Dangerous Intersections in Dale, Indiana. I know I have missed quite a few accidents between now and then, but here has been yet another fatality at this intersection.
Retired Heritage Hills Middle School Principal Susan D. Grundhoefer

Below is the article from March 2012 about this intersection

I would be curious to see their numbers now in 2014! I still try to avoid that intersection!!

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Import your Unsold Ebay items into

I am trying out ‘s eBay Importer and Exporter.  I just exported a couple auctions from my Bonanza store over to eBay, and was amazed how simple it was.  Seriously I clicked a button, and it copied over my auction.  SWEET!

I have been selling online for years, and I always like to try new ways to sell.  My previous boss (who was in sales) once said

” You throw enough crap on the wall,  and some of it has got to stick.”

I will never forget that quote!!  This quote is so true though.. Think about it… the more places you post your items, and get yourself out there online the more traffic you will have coming to you.  There are many selling methods.. some that work, Some that kinda work for a short time, and some that are a total flop!  So what’s to lose posting your old items on Bonanza?  It’s free to list.  you only pay if it’s sells.. oh and shh don’t tell but it’s cheaper than eBay!

I also just imported my unsold eBay items from the past 60 days to my Bonanza store.  I selected all my options so that I can approve what comes over, and it went in the queue to be imported.  It took a few minutes, and Presto they are in my bonanza booth ready to be reviewed and approved as I requested.

Here is a link to ‘s eBay importer:

If you love eBay try   Check out


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Bears Football Fans Custom Cornhole Boards – Southern Indiana

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Hey Bears Football fans! Lookin for the perfect cornhole board for this summer? Check these out!! Derrick’s cornhole boards are all custom made here in Southern Indiana. If you like to change up the design somewhat just let him know. … Continue reading

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For Sale: Fanuc 15-MA For Parts / Repair – Southern Indiana

This gallery contains 67 photos.

This machine was functional when it was disassembled. This machine can be shipped freight or picked up locally in Southern Indiana. For more information please message me on ebay. Ebay Auction Link for this Item: 3 – GE Fanuc … Continue reading

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Lowrey Organ Model D-325 – Walnut Finish – Holiday with Magic Genie For Sale in Indiana

Lowrey Organ for Sale

Lowery Organ with walnut finish for Sale in Southern Indiana

– Model D325 Holiday with Magic Genie
– Any offer will be considered!
– Non – Smoking
– Walnut Finish
– Located in Southern Indiana
– Pickup Only – We will not ship this item!

To make an offer please email me or view my store listing for more information

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Brandt Model 930 Coin Sorter / Counter For Sale in Southern Indiana

Brandt Model 920 Coin Counter
 This coin counter was once used in a bank, and was retired.  It sorts Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, and half dollars.  It comes with 2 money bags that attach to the bottom for the money to drop into when it is counted.  We placed several coins through it, and counted them.  It was accurate.  This unit also comes with the stand.

  • Works and is accurate
  • Unit has been cleaned inside and out
  • Plastic has a few cracks as shown in the pictures
  • The nickel dial on the left does not always reset to zero
  • Lock does not work on the stand

Click here visit my bonanza store to purchase or name an offer.



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Have you ever been to a Relay For Life Luminary Service?

As the night draws near the bags and candles are being setup by each campsite. A member of each team begins to light the candles. Then as the night darkens the noisy walkers around the track start to hush and silence. There is now a quiet silence and a few children is all you can really hear. The candles now glow around the track.

The Committee starts the ceremony on stage as everyone walks to their campsite in silence. The service starts, kind words are spoken, and then they begin to read all the names of those who have a luminary in honor of them on the track. The names are in alphabetical order.. .. their voice is so clear, and there are the crickets chirImageping in the background as the bags glow around the track. One name then another, and another, and another. You think there is no way there can be this many that cancer has affected, but now you see the bags glowing and hear the names being called. Then as they reach the last one more kind words are said as they then announce the luminaries we placed around the track in memory of loved ones. The names are all read, and again one after another. There is a point in the ceremony to where we may feel like it will never end. Then after the last name is read a prayer is spoken. Quietly and slowly some start to get up and walk slowly around the track. In the dark quietly we all slowly walk and look at the bags to read the names. There are just so many of them…

It’s very hard to go through this service without shedding a tear! It really hits home. I have never experienced anything like this until joining relay.

If you would like to experience the luminary service it will start at 9pm at the St. Meinrad Archabbey in St. Meinrad, Indiana on June 15th, 2012.

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Blue Screen of Death nvstor32.sys Windows 7 keeps rebooting

My Mini Laptop keeps rebooting…  If I run the Repair it works for a bit but If I shut it down and boot it back up it crashes again and keeps rebooting.

If you press F8 when booting you can change your system to boot and stop if there is an error.  In doing this you may then see the “Blue Screen of Death” error.

Nvstor32.sys   Driver IRQL not less or equal to

The issue could very possibly be your driver for the IDE ATA/ATAPI driver.

Here is how I fixed this issue on a laptop.. i’m Pretty sure it was an HP.

Click Start
Right click on Computer
Click on Device Manager on the left
Click on IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers
Expand ??  Nvidia?    (sorry I don’t remember exactly what it was)
Right click on the Nvidia driver
Click Update Driver
Browse My Computer for Driver Software
Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
Choose Standard AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA Controler
(When I read up on it someone else said to change it to Standard Dual Chanel PCI IDE)
Yes – Reboot
It may prompt you to reboot again

I hope this helps someone!!

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