Import your Unsold Ebay items into

I am trying out ‘s eBay Importer and Exporter.  I just exported a couple auctions from my Bonanza store over to eBay, and was amazed how simple it was.  Seriously I clicked a button, and it copied over my auction.  SWEET!

I have been selling online for years, and I always like to try new ways to sell.  My previous boss (who was in sales) once said

” You throw enough crap on the wall,  and some of it has got to stick.”

I will never forget that quote!!  This quote is so true though.. Think about it… the more places you post your items, and get yourself out there online the more traffic you will have coming to you.  There are many selling methods.. some that work, Some that kinda work for a short time, and some that are a total flop!  So what’s to lose posting your old items on Bonanza?  It’s free to list.  you only pay if it’s sells.. oh and shh don’t tell but it’s cheaper than eBay!

I also just imported my unsold eBay items from the past 60 days to my Bonanza store.  I selected all my options so that I can approve what comes over, and it went in the queue to be imported.  It took a few minutes, and Presto they are in my bonanza booth ready to be reviewed and approved as I requested.

Here is a link to ‘s eBay importer:

If you love eBay try   Check out


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2 Responses to Import your Unsold Ebay items into

  1. Charles says:

    Hi, trying bonanza now. Imported active listing, how come my unsold ebay stuff is not importing??? charles

    • What is the error you are receiving? On a few listings I received one, but would have to go back in and try again to see what it was. I sell something the other day from this. I need to write another blog..

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