Indiana Fighting Championship comes to Bedford, IN

“The Battles at Bedford”

  Sept 17th, 2011

Bedford National Guard Armory
Doors Open 6PM

Fights Start at 7:30 PM Central                                

Tickets $25.00                                                                         Meet the Ring Girls!!  

Buy your Tickets Here!!
Learn more about the Indiana Fighting Championship Here!

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Online Auction Chatting on Bonanza

Bonanza is more of an “Online Community” than a online store.  At Bonanza chatting is done live while users shop!!!

How do I find people on Boanza to Chat with?

Login or Create a new Bonanza Account

Click on People – View Users
This displays all the users that are online RIGHT NOW!  Click on their userid and this will take you to their profile.  Here you may then click on SHOP .. booth items>>   This will then display their booth.  It will also display “Seller is online!” at the top of the Real Time Chat box.  Click in the Real Time Chat and begin typing.

This very nice chat feature on Bonana allows the customer to ask questions about the items on the fly.  It is a great way for Buyers and Sellers to communicate!

Give it a Try  see if i’m online….

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Seth’s Memories Picture Collage

Seth’s Assignment for Monday.  He was to create a Memory Picture Collage.  The teacher asked that they use images that they know about, care about, and have recent memories of.  They may include..

  • Things they can do
  • Favorite Things
  • Places they have been
  • People they know
  • Their everyday Lives
  • Special Times

I just thought this was cute, and had to share it.  Now the challenge is gettting it to school without the locust breaking off the paper.  🙂

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Dangerous Intersections in Dale, Indiana

Failing to yeild the right of way is the cause for so many of the accidents that occur on the new 231 in Dale, Indiana.   Please use caution when approaching or crossing these intersections!!  I drove across the intersection just the other day, and saw someone drive STRAIGHT through..  YEILD MEANS YEILD!!!! Please read the below articles for more.. 29 Accidents and 4 Deaths  as of 8/18/2011  (rough estimate)

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St. Meinrad, Indiana June 26th, 2011 Tornado

Louisville NWS confirms another tornado on Sunday June 26th, 2011.  It started in Spencer county & ended in Perry county, an EF-1 w/95-100 mph winds in St. Meinrad.

I was tossing and turning from seeing the strobe light like lightning, and then I heard the tornado warning on our weather radio for Dubois County and woke my husband.  We watched the radar for a short time then started to hear something hitting the side of the house.  That’s when we decided to go downstairs.  The winds were blowing very hard, and we sat and watched the radar on tv downstairs.  They were showing a blue spot in St. Meinrad, but didn’t seem to concerned so we really didn’t take cover.  A minute or two later our power went out.  Little did we know that the little blue spot on the radar really was a tornado.  It had just knocked the trees down on our power lines not to far from our house.

The next morning we heard trees were down at the Abbey so we went to take a look.  I never expected to see them laying over on the ground rootball and all.  We also heard of several other houses damaged.  Someone has said that an exhaust vent was sucked up out of the roof of a house, and trees were actually twisted.  After hearing that I was convinced that it was a Tornado and not straight line winds.  I am very thankful that everyone was safe!  Trees can be replanted, and houses can be repaired!

I have been through many storms, but none compare to this year.

St. Meinrad, IN Tornado Photos

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dubois County Tornado –

Duff Tornado Aftermath News Report
– Video shot by @News7cameraman    – Written by Drew Gardener

The Duff tornado this morning is the 9th tornado to strike Dubois co. this year, by far the hardest hit county in the tri-state.

Duff is a great small town!  They are getting ready for their HUGE fireworks show.  It still amazes me how a small town like that can pull together and put on such a HUGE 4th of July party!  This storm will only make them stronger!

Dubois County had only 11 confirmed tornado touchdowns in the 60 years preceding this year. – Tammy Miller Director of the Dubois County Emergency Management Agency / Quoted from an article in the The Herald Newspaper

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How to Sooth a Tanning Bed Burn

Did you get a little Crispy in the tanning bed?  I did this week.  Here is what I found to sooth the burn.

The burn will not really set in until the next day.  As soon as you start feeling the burn pour vinegar on it, pour vinegar on a towel and lay it on the burnt area, or pour a few cups in your bath water and soak for 1 hour.  Repeat this several times over the next day or two.  This will take the heat out of the burn.  If you don’t have any vinegar try taking a cool shower.  Also don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

I also learned that you should NOT put Aloe on a tanning bed burn until it is no longer hot to the touch.  You must first use the vinegar to get the heat out.  Putting aloe on a bad hot burn can create a layer and hold the heat inside your skin, and may actually make it more painful.

When your tanning bed burn is no longer hot to the touch then use aloe or lotion to sooth the tightness of the skin.  My legs actually swelled up and were very tight.  The bath seemed to sooth them the most.  Then next to is to deal with the dreaded itch.  I am on day 4 and the itch is setting in.  The best soothing thing I have found is Avon’s soothing itch spray with aloe along with lotion.

I wish you the best of luck with your burn, and I really do hope that this helps someone!  and oh.. i’m not looking forward to the peeling.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

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Email Marketing Company Data Breach

Many may have heard of the data breach into an E-mail marketing company called Epsilon, or you may have already received emails from your credit card  company explaining this.

 Please keep in mind that the hacker would have only retrieved your email address if you were in their system.  This does NOT mean they have your bank account or personal information.  DO NOT respond to any emails asking for personal or financial information.  If you are in question DO NOT click on the link in the email.  I recommend you Manually type in the web address or use a favorite to access your credit card information.  This is always good practice to do anyway!! 

 When paying a bill online or entering financial/personal information Never use a link in an email that was sent to you.  This is unless there is no other way, and you are 100% sure it is a valid link.  If you do have to click on a link in an email… after clicking on it you look in the address bar to make sure they did not sneak in a different address than displayed in the email.  This is a trick commonly used by spammers.

 The list of Epsilon clients whose customer e-mail addresses were stolen is not complete, and is likely to grow. But so far Target, Kroger, TiVo, US Bank, JPMorgan Chase, Capital One, Citi, Home Shopping Network, Ameriprise Financial, LL Bean Visa Card, McKinsey & Company, Ritz-Carlton Rewards, Marriott Rewards, New York & Company, Brookstone, Walgreens, The College Board, Disney Destinations, and Best Buy have notified their own customers about the breach. Hilton Hotels and Ethan Allen are also said to be affected

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My First Bonanza Experience

Vintage Venus and Cupid Cast Iron Match Holder Safe

Vintage Venus and Cupid Cast Iron Match Holder Safe

I was out one day looking for a good deal on Epson Printer cartridges for my aunt and uncle.  I ran across one heck of a deal on Bonanza in Kenoticket’s Booth and couldn’t pass it up.

I emailed Kenoticket’s to be sure that the cartridges were 100% genuine.  He assured they were, and  I made my first purchase on Bonanza in Kenoticket’s booth.  He sent me a tracking number and all the usual information for my shipment.  What impressed me the most is that he left me a positive endorsement on my profile page.

I would like to share with you a few item’s from Kenoticket’s Booth & hope your first purchase on Bonanza is as awesome as mine!

Coca Cola Coke Nostalgic Tall Napkin Dispenser, Full Size

Coca Cola Coke Nostalgic Tall Napkin Dispenser, Full

Eagle Mug
Harley Davidson Eagle Mug 
Purple Fluorite Pendant on 20 inch 925 Silver Chain

Purple Fluorite Pendant on 20 inch 925 Silver Chain


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Are you Tired of eBay?

I got tired of paying all the fees to list ALL my items on eBay.  It is not possible to list a ton of the smaller slow moving items, and pay their crazy fees.  I figured people have to be selling their Junk somewhere!!!  So I went looking for something new….

I was reading on (like I do quite often), and found

Bonanza image

  • Online Chat with the Seller
  • Messaging between buyer and seller
  • Very Low selling fees
  • Online Community – With the tools built into Bonanza we can support each other as sellers.. as buyers you can easily communicate with the seller.  I love this feature because I can ask them questions, and find out more information about what I’m buying!!

Online Shopping – Find Everything but the Ordinary

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Lego Love

Seth Made this for us for our 10th Anniversary!

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