Blue Screen of Death nvstor32.sys Windows 7 keeps rebooting

My Mini Laptop keeps rebooting…  If I run the Repair it works for a bit but If I shut it down and boot it back up it crashes again and keeps rebooting.

If you press F8 when booting you can change your system to boot and stop if there is an error.  In doing this you may then see the “Blue Screen of Death” error.

Nvstor32.sys   Driver IRQL not less or equal to

The issue could very possibly be your driver for the IDE ATA/ATAPI driver.

Here is how I fixed this issue on a laptop.. i’m Pretty sure it was an HP.

Click Start
Right click on Computer
Click on Device Manager on the left
Click on IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers
Expand ??  Nvidia?    (sorry I don’t remember exactly what it was)
Right click on the Nvidia driver
Click Update Driver
Browse My Computer for Driver Software
Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
Choose Standard AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA Controler
(When I read up on it someone else said to change it to Standard Dual Chanel PCI IDE)
Yes – Reboot
It may prompt you to reboot again

I hope this helps someone!!

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