Dangerous Intersections in Dale, Indiana

Failing to yeild the right of way is the cause for so many of the accidents that occur on the new 231 in Dale, Indiana.   Please use caution when approaching or crossing these intersections!!  I drove across the intersection just the other day, and saw someone drive STRAIGHT through..  YEILD MEANS YEILD!!!! Please read the below articles for more.. 29 Accidents and 4 Deaths  as of 8/18/2011  (rough estimate)

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1 Response to Dangerous Intersections in Dale, Indiana

  1. Adam Poehlein says:

    The number is now 5 deaths at this intersection, as a second died from injuries in the July 29th accident. This averages about one a month since the hiway has been open to through traffic from I64 to the Ohio river. Law makers and IDOT officials tend to beleiive this is an acceptable loss. The cost of traffic lights is not justified in their opinion. I would assume if their children were riding in a bus across this intersection twice a day or if it were their spouse or parent named in a news aticle explaining the latest fatality from yet another terrible accident, their opion would be different.
    I go through this intersection at least twice a day and understand that visibility of cross traffic is not good due to the width and number of lanes to cross. The speed of the cross traffic is also difficult to judge due to the pitch of the grade. When there is a lot of traffic at this intersection, it is not always easy to keep track of who’s turn it is. This is just not adequate traffic control for such a busy intersection.
    It appears as though the criteria is not how many accidents or deaths occur at this intersection, it who is involved in them that is important, and that is just sad!

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