St. Meinrad, Indiana June 26th, 2011 Tornado

Louisville NWS confirms another tornado on Sunday June 26th, 2011.  It started in Spencer county & ended in Perry county, an EF-1 w/95-100 mph winds in St. Meinrad.

I was tossing and turning from seeing the strobe light like lightning, and then I heard the tornado warning on our weather radio for Dubois County and woke my husband.  We watched the radar for a short time then started to hear something hitting the side of the house.  That’s when we decided to go downstairs.  The winds were blowing very hard, and we sat and watched the radar on tv downstairs.  They were showing a blue spot in St. Meinrad, but didn’t seem to concerned so we really didn’t take cover.  A minute or two later our power went out.  Little did we know that the little blue spot on the radar really was a tornado.  It had just knocked the trees down on our power lines not to far from our house.

The next morning we heard trees were down at the Abbey so we went to take a look.  I never expected to see them laying over on the ground rootball and all.  We also heard of several other houses damaged.  Someone has said that an exhaust vent was sucked up out of the roof of a house, and trees were actually twisted.  After hearing that I was convinced that it was a Tornado and not straight line winds.  I am very thankful that everyone was safe!  Trees can be replanted, and houses can be repaired!

I have been through many storms, but none compare to this year.

St. Meinrad, IN Tornado Photos

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Dubois County Tornado –

Duff Tornado Aftermath News Report
– Video shot by @News7cameraman    – Written by Drew Gardener

The Duff tornado this morning is the 9th tornado to strike Dubois co. this year, by far the hardest hit county in the tri-state.

Duff is a great small town!  They are getting ready for their HUGE fireworks show.  It still amazes me how a small town like that can pull together and put on such a HUGE 4th of July party!  This storm will only make them stronger!

Dubois County had only 11 confirmed tornado touchdowns in the 60 years preceding this year. – Tammy Miller Director of the Dubois County Emergency Management Agency / Quoted from an article in the The Herald Newspaper

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